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Get intentional with your money, your life, your experiences…

It can feel like the odds are stacked against you. Rising food prices, rising gas prices, rising housing. How is anyone able to afford living in the US these days making less than $100k—heck even $50k?!

There’s a way! Although we’re inundated with capitalist ideals everyday, you can be intentional with your money in a way that brings freedom, abundance, and hope to your financial situation.

Have you felt hopeless about…

  • Being able to afford a financial emergency
  • Giving yourself and/or your kids experiences to see the world and relax/have fun every now and then
  • Working in time and money for self care
  • Getting out of the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living

The B Chic Budget Planner is the fastest way to get clear about your money goals and priorities in order to make room for more savings, experiences, and future wealth. You’ve probably been bogged down with one of these limiting thoughts.

“I’m too focused on keeping up with bills, I can’t afford a vacation or self care.”

There is a way to work in self care and intentional savings to afford trips and once in a lifetime experiences. A simplified budget system that works with your current spending habits, is the first step to success.

“I’m just not good with money. That’s why I can never save or stick to saving.”

You may be using the wrong tools or simply not working WITH your personality type to make saving work for you. Whether that means implementing automation, restricting your access, utilizing the snowball effect, or leveraging high yield accounts—there IS a way to make savings work for you in the long term.

“I don’t make enough to afford doing something special for myself or my family.”

It all comes back to perspective. You may not be able to afford a multi-state jump to Disney World this year, but you can save up for a 2 hour or less drive to an amusement park or spa overnight stay.

There is a way you can budget your family into prosperity and financial freedom but it starts with intention setting through budgeting and reflection.

Yes, you can save on a tight budget. Through patience and a little automation, you can get the habit of saving on your side. It all starts with a consistent plan.

It doesn’t have to be like this…

You get paid, most of your money goes towards past due and current bills.

Haphazardly spending on other necessities without tracking the receipt totals,

Which then leads to wasting money on last minute needs, and falling behind on your bills and money goals.

Imagine life like this…

With a solid money routine, even small savings make a big difference to your growing savings towards emergencies, family trips, and future bill payments.

Prioritize experiences over the amount invested to make it happen. This budget can help you get there!

How to Use Your Budget Planner for YOUR personal finance success

Get a snapshot of your current situation

Start your budgeting journey by gaining awareness of the most important factors that affect you on a regular basis. Auto-payments, credit cards and their interest rates, and even your bank account’s basic information. Having the important stuff in one place gives you the first step in clarity with your money. The daily and weekly money journal also gives you a glimpse of your spending habits and patterns.

Automate your spending, saving, and monthly (bi-weekly) planning

The key to effortless yet effective money management is automation. Once you have a grasp on what your current financial situation is, you want to put systems in place to make it easy to meet your short term goals that lead to BIG long term success. This is accomplished with the Budget Rules, Savings Goals, and Expense worksheet templates that you can copy and reuse from month to month.

Track progress and course correct toxic spending habits as soon as they creep up

With the daily and weekly money journal templates, you can easily track your spending AND spending patterns to catch any mindless decisions. Too involved for you? I’ve also included a transaction log worksheet to simply list all your spending. You can use that to update your budget or just to keep up with what’s in your bank account.

Prioritize your goals, self care, and future financial security proofing

But what’s planning for if you’re not keeping your future in mind?! Not only do you have a goals worksheet (prompts and lines to write on), but the mini event planner keeps you on track for short-term goals. Outline basic details and identify financial needs that you should be saving for.

Here’s Everything You Get In This Action-Packed Planner

This planner is delivered as a PDF file. There are 4 versions you will receive. Letter size in light mode/dark mode, and A4 size light mode/dark mode. Simply download from the checkout confirmation page or confirmation email. Then, import into your preferred PDF annotation app like Goodnotes or Notability.

  • Accounts Tracker
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Calendar
  • Savings Trackers (3 layouts)
  • Debts/Payment Tracker
  • Subscriptions + Autopay Log
  • Budget Rules worksheet (automate your spending!)
  • Expenses template
  • Transaction Log template
  • Budget template
  • Daily Money Journal template
  • Weekly Recap template
  • Goal/Event/Holiday/Trip Planner
  • Monthly Worksheets w/ Budget Reminders specific to the season and national holidays (U.S.)
  • Notes Template

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Join B Chic Collective!

Are you ready to...?

  • Live a feminine life without spending all of your money each paycheck
  • Experience life more and always be ready for spontaneous opportunities financially
  • Save money without discipline and easily put it on autopilot
  • View your money without stress and restrictions from living your best life
  • Feel less anxious about your financial independence and have a plan to come up
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs about money and attract more to live the lifestyle you deserve